We represent the leading manufacturers of classic furniture in Northern Italy, which are famous worldwide for the high quality and elegant shape of their furniture. All classic furniture is exclusive and made only in Italy.


   – Carefully selected raw material used in the production of furniture.

Solid wood is chosen so that the uniform colour of furniture would be ensured. Boards are purchased only from the controlled forest plantations. The drying process is usually performed naturally; therefore, there is no deformation of wood, which occurs due to different norms of temperature and humidity. About a month, the boards are stored in the special heaters in order to achieve the ideal level of relative humidity (about 10 percent). Plywood boards are constantly monitored in order to maintain their resistance and durability. Only non-toxic and harmless glue are used in the veneering process.

   – The great attention paid to every detail at all stages of production.

The specialised personnel participate at all stages of production. They use inspiration and professionalism in their work: starting from the product manufacturing, skilful carvings to the coverage of gold or silver foil manually.

    – Applied innovative technologies.

Based on the current needs, the innovative furniture is integrated, for example, in the kitchen cabinets. It ensures the functionality and comfortable use of furniture.

  – Finishing, during which plywood is coated with a thin layer of high quality and resistance varnish.

Our represented manufacturers always consider ecological principles and international quality standards, as well as take care of customer health. Therefore, all the paints used for finishing are non-toxic and have the minimum amount of formaldehydes. The uniform colour of wood, shine and proper protection against moisture are ensured during the finishing process.

  – An exclusive and luxurious textile.

The famous Italian masters use the high quality and carefully selected textile for their upholstered furniture. The subtle combinations of their colours give the interior a sense of elegance and refined comfort.


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