Art Deco, also known as “the modern style” originated in France and at the end of 20th century formed a new approach, which changed people’s way of thinking and their lifestyle. At home interior, it is reflected as impressive, unpredictable and eclectic entirety, consisting of stylish elements, such as furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, glass, ceramics and mirrors. Art Deco style can be easily identified from its bright colours and matching of contrasting fabrics. Here, shapes are laconic and corners are sharp. Features of Eastern culture and Greek art can be detected both in the interior and furniture. Furniture decorations are dominated by geometric drawings, rhombi, zigzags, rays, broken arrows, as well as motifs of hieroglyphs, scarabs, snakes, pyramids and seashells. Various combinations of materials, unusual shapes and original surfaces create luxurious images to the interiors.


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