Luxury and convenience is a common denominator of kitchen and dining room.

An interior for a common area of kitchen and dining room is created. The luxurious classic style of interior is offered. However, the interior also acquires a touch of modernity through the shades of grey.

The fittings of kitchen are gilded, the glass of hanging cabinets are decorated with wooden carvings and some surfaces of doors are covered with a special decorative relief. A faceted mirror that is hanging over the dining table is decorated by a wooden frame that expands this space. Wood gilding is used for the finish of the dining table and chairs. It creates a deeper sense of luxury.

The same stylistics applies to the high cabinets and kitchen furniture. The cabinet may contain not only home appliances, but also have an integrated TV, which, if necessary, may be hidden behind closed doors. The main entrance doors and their styling are united by the same range of colours that dominate in all other pieces of furniture, located at the common area of kitchen and dining room.


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