Comfort and privacy provided at the luxurious lobby bar.

The bright space of the lobby bar is created for the luxurious old-fashioned hotel. The luxurious classic style of interior is offered. A common area is divided into two different spaces: one for simple time spending, another for resting. It is achieved by creating an effect of separate terraces. Thus, it is aimed to ensure privacy and comfort for each group of people.
In order to achieve it, different classic upholstered furniture is used. Furniture is united by the range of colours that are matching each other, and separated by different stylistics: some pieces of furniture are higher, while others are wider, but lower. Walls and ceiling are decorated by brightly painted wooden panels with subtle wooden decor. The walls are also finished with one of the most popular element of classic interior – inserts of the luxurious textile in the wooden panel. The shades of natural and brightly painted wood are matched across the whole space.

Pictures and mirrors, decorated by carved and gold plated wooden frames, provide a sense of luxury and exclusivity to the interior. The same applies for the natural stone that is used as the surface of floor or a tabletop. The niches within the walls are decorated by the small pieces of golden mosaic; thus, distinguishing artworks displayed in the niches. The main entrance doors are surrounded by the massive classic colonnade.


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